Maybe your business is small enough you want to tackle your own bookkeeping, maybe you’ve grown out of that and now have a mess that you don’t know what to do with. Maybe you have not had any luck with previous bookkeepers and don’t know where to go at this point.

As business owners, it’s important to “Begin as you mean to go on.” Simply put, do things the right way, from the beginning. If you want your year end to be easy and tidy, if you want someone who can give you the numbers on a job or project you just finished at a moment’s notice, and without having to sort through hundreds of receipts, it’s important to have the right people in the right position. Having your income and expenses recorded properly is crucial to a seamless year end, and can save you thousands of dollars at tax-time.

Hiring a bookkeeper is a very important step for small business owners – you can focus on your strength: growing your business in your area of expertise. And I can focus on mine: managing numbers.

LCP Bookkeeping has over 15 years of bookkeeping experience. What started as a borderline obsession with numbers as a child, evolved into falling in love with every accounting class in college, switching majors, and starting off as a Bookkeeper.

15 years later, LCP Bookkeeping is a successful business serving clients in various industries and of various sizes.

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